Our Worship

We welcome you to join the community of St. Mary’s for worship! We are a parish in the Episcopal Church, which is a province of the Anglican Communion. Our worship is guided by the Book of Common Prayer.

Anglicans are unique in that we are a blend of traditional Roman Catholic practice and Reformation beliefs. Our priests may marry, and, since 1976, women serve honorably as deacons, priests, and bishops of the church.

As Anglicans we value Scripture, tradition, liturgy, and the intellect. We serve one Lord, Jesus Christ.

Our 8:00am Holy Eucharist is a simple and intimate contemporary service in which our congregants are nourished in the Body and Blood of Christ and immersed in the Word.

Our 10:00am Holy Eucharist is our choral Rite I service attended by many families. Our skilled choir and organist perform at this service. Healing prayer is also offered during communion. You will find a prayer station and intercessor stationed near the pulpit. Our Sunday School is also in session during this principle service.