Welcome to St. Mary’s Episcopal Church (Castleton) on Staten Island. Established in 1848, where we treasure our traditions while meeting today with grace. We are a fully welcoming Episcopal Church, interested in worship and music, outreach, and education. Come join our community!

St Mary’s, Castleton, is a tiny cell of the universal Christian Church. It is a parish within the Diocese of New York, a diocese of ECUSA, the Anglican or – as we say in America – Episcopalian Church of the United States.

We celebrate the seven sacraments, teach the full Catholic Faith, and maintain the uninterrupted apostolic succession of bishops stretching back to the first twelve disciples. Within the Catholic Faith, the Anglican tradition particularly stresses order, beauty, good humor and reasonableness in Christian life, Christian thought and Christian worship.

Our Parish Prayer

Holy God, Father Almighty, whose most dear Son prayed that we all might be one; bless and unite the people of St. Mary’s in our common mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in whose Holy Name we pray. Amen.